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If you enjoy reading about adventure, travel, cycling or all 3 why not check out my book: How To Cycle Canada the Wrong Way.*

Also available in Europe, Canada, U.S. Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

It’s the story of a forty-something womanCapture with no clue in life and no cycle touring experience. What she does have is a sense of adventure, a second hand bicycle and a skirt and the idea of riding across Canada….the wrong way.

Available on Amazon in e-reader and paperback formats.

Read the blog on how the book was developed here: “How to write a book in just 2000 days”

Read a blogger’s review here: “[The author] is a skilled wordsmith, recounting her daily adventures, of which there were many, in a personal, humorous, and insightful way. She did everything wrong. She had no previous cycle-touring experience, purchased a used bike without even a test spin, and cycled across Canada from east to west, battling the incessant prevailing headwinds the entire trip. Hence, the title of the book.

But this is not simply a travel memoir. It’s about personal development……..For me, the measure of a good story is whether it moves me emotionally, and intellectually. Does it make me laugh? Cry? Rethink my priorities? Cycling Across Canada the Wrong Way certainly did. There is even a surprise ending that literally brought me to tears. So, whether you are a cyclist or not, this book is an enjoyable, must read. If you are a cyclist, the book will challenge you to set new goals, and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Other reviews for How to Cycle Canada The Wrong Way:

“I’ve just finished reading your book – loved it. Thank you for this. I’m preparing for a Quebec->Alberta trip next summer. I’ve spent the last year tweaking, testing, doing overnighters in the rain, anything to get a feel of the journey ahead.
I must admit that I was horrified at your lack of, well, everything 🙂
Wonderful, insightful writing, I hope to meet as many wonderful people as you have.”

“I really like reading – I read the back of cereal packets, traffic signs, people’s t-shirts – pretty well anything. But I’ve found it really hard to read cycle touring books. Hills go up. They go down. The wind blows. Cyclists get tired – but it’s worth it in the end. Blah, blah, blah. So I was really pleased to find that “How to Cycle Canada the wrong way” had me turning the pages and missing lunch. I like the characters who looked after Lorraine, the will she/won’t she moment with Tom, the pain of bad mechanics, the weird statues, and the doubting, and I loved the food. This is a cycle touring book with heart and cake, both of which I definitely approve of.”

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Bob from Scotland

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 24 April 2021


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