Cycling in a skirt

One life, some bicycles. A million possibilities, zero clue!


Inside/Outside Bikes; The yin and the yang of bicycle love in Japan.

Japan is a definitely a country of extremes.

Precipitous mountains or pan-flat countryside; hole in the ground squat toilets or techno, heated-seat, music playing ones; or ancient, wooden temples nestled between towering glass skyscrapers. 

It’s truly a land of contrasts and nowhere is this more apparent than when travelling by bicycle where the Japanese attitude can generally be summed up as ‘outside good, inside bad’. Continue reading


Swimming and slowing down in the Soča Valley

It’s not often that you get to tell people that you enjoy a good slap, yet for the last week I’ve experienced a fair few.
Before we go any further, slap is the Slovenian word for a waterfall (sorry to disappoint) something of which there have been many these last days. Continue reading


Back to my roots: Facing the Fear

What is it about the unique nature of human beings that leads someone to attempt the same stupid thing – repeatedly. Continue reading

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24 Hours of Madness; Racing Mayhem

Question: What’s the longest bike ride you’ve ever been on? I’m talking hours spent in the saddle over the course of a day. Continue reading