Cycling in a skirt

One life, some bicycles. A million possibilities, zero clue!

The Blog and I

Welcome to my blog!

It’s primarily about all things bicycle, because these wondeful contraptions weave their way through every part of my life, at home, commuting, travellling, cycling with friends, finding and fixing, serious and silly, the everyday and the extraordinary. I love the way bicycles bring people together and bring opportunities for well, so many new experiences.

I am always keen to hear from, promote and share stories from others especially about the above. If you would like to contribute as a blogger please do get in touch via the Sharing Inspiration page.

About me: The Short Version:

thirty something forty-something female writer, traveller, passionate cyclist and adventurer. Possessor of limited common sense,  trying to work out life, with style and a sense of humour.

Blogging about personal development and the taking up of challenges.

About travelling solo as a woman.

About pursuing passions, stepping off the 9-5 treadmill, ditching the pension plan and choosing the road less travelled (or cycled).

My philosophy…….,

                                      “I will never reach the end of my life, wishing I had spent more time in the office”


A Little More:

I like to think that, we are limited, only by the extent of our own imagination.

So far in life, I have had the great fortune to have travelled to, and lived in over 40 countries on 6 continents and met hundreds, if not thousands of wonderful, inspirational, humbling people on that journey.

As a woman, I’ve done much of my travelling alone. I’ve been scared, lonely, despondent, homesick, but, more frequently I’ve been amazed, heartened, overawed, grateful, and enriched by these experiences.

Through sport and a the inability to say no to silly ideas, I have tackled challenges from a 5km race as a new runner, to a marathon just 2 years later and progressed from not riding a bicycle since childhood to taking on a solo, 5000 mile cycle tour across Canada and America. In a skirt!

One of the great joys and endless sources of inspiration is the premise that anyone can take the impossible and turning in to the achievable.

All I can say, I have no special skills and, to be frank, no plan in life. Just the belief that anything is possible! And that any goal can be achieved with a healthy sense of the ridiculous, humility and good humour.

Personal development, adventuring, living the life we want, is not about a lack of fear, instead, it’s about embracing that  fear, to push beyond it and to achieve our dreams.

Thank you for reading.


4 thoughts on “The Blog and I

  1. Loved reading your blog from the cycle. Bon voyage to where the road takes you next Lorraine



  2. Hi Lorraine, well that is an inspiring ‘about’. I’ve just discovered your blog and will look forward to reading more!


  3. My father also used to say that you never see an epitaph saying “I wish I’d spent more time in the office”.


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