Cycling in a skirt

One life, some bicycles. A million possibilities, zero clue!

The Blog, Bicycles and Me

Welcome to my blog!

It’s about life and all things bicycle.

Why bikes, because these wonderful machines have managed to weave their way through every part of my life.

They’ve given me some of my greatest freedoms and experiences, my greatest travel moments, my greatest learning.

They’ve helped me connect with strangers across continents and make life long friends at home and abroad.

They help me to get to work, they fill my leisure time and they have taught me more than I ever expected to learn; from how to fix broken sprockets to how to mend broken bones.

And, they have helped me to teach and inspire others to ride, from individuals to communities. More deeply, they’ve been alongside me during love, and loss, and helped me to appreciate and deal with both.

I love the way that cycling brings people together, by creating the opportunity for so many new experiences. I am always keen to hear from, promote and share stories from others especially about the above. If you would like to contribute as a blogger please do get in touch via the Sharing Inspiration page.

About me: 

thirty something forty-something female writer, traveller, passionate cyclist and adventurer. Possessor of many bicycles but limited common sense,  trying to work out life, with style and a sense of humour.

Blogging about:

Personal development and the taking up of challenges.

About travelling solo as a woman.

About pursuing passions, stepping off the 9-5 treadmill and choosing the road less travelled (or cycled).

My philosophy…….,     “I will never reach the end of my life,

                                         wishing I had spent more time in the office”

Thank you for reading.

5 thoughts on “The Blog, Bicycles and Me

  1. Loved reading your blog from the cycle. Bon voyage to where the road takes you next Lorraine


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  2. Hi Lorraine, well that is an inspiring ‘about’. I’ve just discovered your blog and will look forward to reading more!

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  3. My father also used to say that you never see an epitaph saying “I wish I’d spent more time in the office”.

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  4. Enjoyed your latest blog Lorraine, 25 miles seems pretty good to me.


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