Cycling in a skirt

One life, some bicycles. A million possibilities, zero clue!


Now and Then; The Pacific West Coast second time around.

There are some habits that are really hard to break, especially as we age and maybe get a tad set in our ways. Until, that is, something happens, a defining moment or experience that changes the way that we do things forever.

Take books for example. Until my late 30’s I would doggedly read from cover to cover every book that I started, even if I hated it, I felt compelled to finish. And I read a lot of books. The experience that changed that for me was Crime and Punishment. Continue reading


Oregon On Wheels

Portland’s official slogan is “Keeping it weird” and, as we disembark off the bus, it’s easy to see that they are achieving it in abundance. Continue reading


The Art of Un-Planning

I love starting the day with a plan, an idea of where we’re going, how far, where we might sleep? What would be even better, would be to finish the day with that same plan intact. I’m still waiting. Continue reading


Hosts and Homemakers

“Welcome to Port Angeles” says the customs officer as he waves us through, having decided 2 grubby cycle tourists would be better out of his field of smell. As we push our bikes off of the ferry and prepare to ride, a woman waiting in arrivals comes over to chat.
“Where are you headed to?” comes the usual question.
“L.A.” I respond, busy strapping on panniers.
“You don’t want to go there” she says aghast, you’ll get murdered, it’s just not safe.”
She has my attention now. “I’ve cycled the coast route there before” I say nervously, “it was OK a few years back”.
“Not anymore” my advisor replies. “Don’t ever go there”.
A bit nonplussed I start to explain we’re actually headed to Seattle first but this apparently is worse.
“You take your life into your hands there” she responds “Don’t ever go there”. Continue reading