Cycling in a skirt

One life, some bicycles. A million possibilities, zero clue!


Getting Back To Nature, California Style.

Lovely though the idea was of staying with family for a few weeks, I was concerned that having a base might also mean missing out on the outdoor life, in particular the wildlife and wild views that we’ve grown so used to these past months.
Turns out I needn’t have worried though as the last 2 weeks have given us some of the most spectacular nature of all kinds. Continue reading


Oregon On Wheels

Portland’s official slogan is “Keeping it weird” and, as we disembark off the bus, it’s easy to see that they are achieving it in abundance. Continue reading


Getting In Tents

If Carlsberg did campsites they would look like this one. All marble walls, heated floors and lavender scented soap. The showers are, in fact, so nice I feel that I am too grubby to use them, a first in my entire camping life and a world away from the site we have just left. Continue reading

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Lakes and Liquid Sunshine: Argentina by bike Part 3

Day 4 Lago Hua Hum to Catritre, campsite from hell: 36.5 miles 3000 feet climbing

Back from a Brief Interlude of Donkeys to a lakeside tent. A day off the bike has done wonders to restore energy after the leg-busting ride of the previous day. It was also New Year’s Day 2019 and, the chance to sit quietly by the lakeside, reflecting and soaking up the sunshine was too good to pass up. It’s time to move however and the next morning we’re up early(ish) and packing to leave. As often happens at this point we’re befriended firmly by a large family from the next pitch. On seeing our bikes they are instantly full of questions. Continue reading

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Bread and Gold

Today’s question: What do sandwiches, symphonies and a Strava segment all have in common? Continue reading