Cycling in a skirt

One life, some bicycles. A million possibilities, zero clue!


Mountains and Molehills

12 months, 5 days and a scattering of hours.

No, not the amount of time since I last wrote a blog although it does seem like it. Actually it’s the time elapsed since I last set foot (or wheels) on this exact spot, although so much has happened since, it seems like a lifetime ago. Continue reading



Climb Every Mountain?

When questioned as to just why he wanted to climb Mt Everest The British mountaineer George Mallory famously responded – “Because it’s there”.

It’s such a brilliant and bald statement that encapsulates why we human beings daily strive to complete essentially pointless feats of endurance. Continue reading

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An intimate relationship with hills

Flag of Canada  Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada – Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bumpy road…..too right

A fellow cyclist travelling in the opposite direction, cheerfully informed me that, as well as cycling against the wind, the East to West route I’m taking has the greatest amount of hill climbing.
I can confirm that. Continue reading