Cycling in a skirt

One life, some bicycles. A million possibilities, zero clue!

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In Tents

Flag of United States  Klamouth, California, USA – Friday, October 18, 2013



Camping, is not something I generally enjoy. In fact, I would usually select literally any other option rather than sleep in a tent, I like my creature comforts and absolutely hate being cold.
I’m as shocked as anyone by a) how much camping I’ve done on this trip, and b) how much I have (generally) enjoyed it. There are of course caveats. Continue reading


We are sailing

Flag of United States  Seaside, Oregon, USA – Friday, October 11, 2013

We are sailing

beside the sea

Beside the sea

It will probably come as little surprise to anyone who knows me that Vancouver, as it turns out, was not the end of the adventure.
After a few magical days of rest and relaxation and wonderful Warmshowers hospitality, Claud was getting restless to be back on the road, and to be honest so was I. Continue reading